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Book-lover? Sims-lover? Perfect.

This is a community for people who've created Sims stories of characters from books, movies, or any work of fiction. Photographs of Dolores Umbridge being hit by a satellite, Aragorn being electrocuted, the ghost of Christmas Past scaring the @%$# out of Scrooge, Jack Sparrow walking around starkers, Spock getting snogged by the mailman, the vampire Lestat scrounging a midnight snack (in the fridge, not that!), Buffy marrying Tarzan, Lady Macbeth having a catfight with Catwoman...

Well. Let's see what happens.

Everyone is welcome, but please, make your own sims if you're playing Sims 2. Custom files are absolutely fine (even encouraged) but custom sims are discouraged. We would like people to have their characters looking different, even if they're the same character, and unique. If you want your character to look like Antonio Banderas as Zorro that's fine, but it has to be your own work. The hair, the clothes, the eyes, skin and makeup can be created by someone else but you must be the one to put it all together.

Bits and Bats:
Old stories are allowed to be posted as well, as long as they are only posted once to the community.
Sims 1 and 2 are both accepted.
Fictitious characters are the only ones accepted - model the character after your impression of him or her, not necessarily the actors or actresses.
As stated above, no premade sims for The Sims 2.
No original characters, only side characters embellished.

Thanks, and we hope everyone has fun. On to the pictures!

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